Buy YouTube Watch Hours – The Tonight Show

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The Tonight Show:

The show features a variety of entertainment segments. Often, guests will be featured in the studio and the audience is encouraged to participate in various games and challenges. Some of these include Steve the Judgmental Bastard, where Steve Schirripa judges people based on their appearances; Tattoo or No Tattoo, in which audience members guess whether a person has a tattoo; and Listen to Iman, in which model Iman gives advice to audience members. The Tonight Show is known for having a wide range of celebrity guests and for its use of green screen cameras. Occasionally, Leno would perform a skit called Virtual Jay, in which the computer-generated character of the host travels through the Internet and appears on websites of celebrities such as Dan Quayle. This is one of the most popular Tonight Show skits of all time. Other notable segments include The Economy is Bad and Teenage Wasteland, in which teenagers demonstrate stunts and talents they have.