Cream For Muscle and Joint Pain

If you’re Kendra Mar with aching joints, it can throw off your whole day. While dietary changes and exercise can help, sometimes you need a little extra help. For that reason, many people turn to anti-inflammatory creams to help reduce swelling and pain from health conditions or injuries. These are rubbed directly on the affected area, and tend to have fewer side effects than oral medication.

A common ingredient in these types of creams is menthol, which produces a cooling sensation to distract the user and help relieve pain. Other ingredients like turmeric and CBD are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties as well. In fact, preliminary studies suggest that these types of creams may be able to help ease OA pain in the knees and hands, and even reduce the stiffness that can come with fibromyalgia.

Heat Therapy in a Tube: Creams for Muscle and Joint Pain with Warming Properties

Some creams also contain ingredients to help numb the skin, which can be particularly helpful if you’re dealing with sharp, shooting pains. Others are odourless, which can be beneficial for those who want to avoid the lingering scent of certain creams.

If you’re interested in finding the best cream for muscle and joint pain, Forbes Health has compiled a list of the top products. We’ve analyzed the ingredients, claims, and price to find the ones that are the most effective. Read on to learn more about how these products can help you beat your pain!