Joyce Meyer House – A Look at the Life and Home of New York Times Bestselling Author

Joyce Meyer House: A Look at the Life and Home of New York Times bestselling Author

In a career that joyce meyer house with sexual abuse and neglect as a child, Joyce Meyer became one of America’s best-known preachers and a spiritual savior to millions of people. She has written over 100 books that have been translated into more than 100 languages and has held dozens of domestic and international conferences to help her followers learn how to live their lives to the fullest.

While her message has changed countless lives, one thing that hasn’t changed is her lavish lifestyle. The New York Times bestselling author is currently worth $20 million, and she lives in an amazing 10,000-square-foot home designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The home is located in Eureka, Missouri and boasts of a luxurious resort ambiance with a pool and garage that can hold up to eight cars.

Inside Joyce Meyer’s Sanctuary: A Peek into Her Home and Inspirational Space

Despite the opulent surroundings, Meyer is not afraid to speak out against false teachings. In a recent episode of her show, she discussed the idea that Jesus was no longer God. This is heresy, as it denies that Jesus is the second person of the Trinity and the eternal Son of God.

The ministry has also paid for two other houses for the couple’s married children and their spouses, and it will likely sell those homes as well. A ministry spokesman says the increased value of the properties and changes in tax law prompted the decision to sell them.