Metal Posters Canada

Add a unique touch to your walls with high-quality, durable metal posters canada prints. Unlike paper and canvas, these stunning posters are printed directly on sleek, brushed aluminum panels. The vivid colors and lustrous finish give your images a striking look that’s sure to impress. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, perfect for any space.

What is a metal poster?

Unofficial artists-soldiers, nurses, doctors, house painters, and civilians who drew, painted, or carved to share their experiences with family, friends, and comrades-produced much First World War art. These individuals were often highly trained in prewar art, and some went on to become official Canadian war artists.

The Second World War was a different story, with relatively little official artistic attention paid to it during the conflict. But, after the war ended, a resurgence of interest in Holocaust imagery appeared, as artists, Jewish and gentile, responded to the terrible numbers of people who were killed in the camps.

In the posters produced for recruiting, artists drew on historic acts of heroism to bolster military spirit and encourage enlistment. The image, titled Canada’s New Army Needs Men Like You, by Eric Aldwinckle (1909-1980) (an official war artist), for example, shows a rousing soldier riding a motorcycle in front of a ghostly image of medieval French heroine Joan of Arc.

In 1968, the Canadian Armed Forces Civilian Artists Program (CAFCAP) re-established official military art in Canada. Most of its artists had prior military experience, and their work leaned toward the illustrative. Nonetheless, the recruitment messages still had a strong impact.