Shroom Delivery Canada Becomes a Legal Grey Area

shroom delivery canada

Psilocybin shroom delivery canada are a popular supplement used by people seeking relief from headaches, anxiety and PTSD. They are also known to have a healing effect on depression, addiction and other mental health issues. While considered to be a controlled substance by the federal government, several human studies conducted by esteemed institutions highlight their efficacy within medical and psychiatric contexts.

A growing number of retail shops are openly selling the drug, which turns into psilocin when ingested. These “psilocybin mushroom stores” have opened across the country, including in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Their owners are taking a page from the pot-shop playbook to circumvent strict drug laws and sell an illicit product in a legal grey area.

North of the Border Bliss: The Shroom Delivery Experience in Canada

One of the new stores is FunGuyz in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village. Its owners say they’re not concerned about the law, which classifies psilocybin and psilocin as Schedule III drugs and prohibits their sale and possession. They’re banking on police forces’ indifference to their operations, which they see as a safe alternative to illegal marijuana.

The storefronts are a boon for some terminally ill patients, like Thomas Hartle, who was granted a federal exemption to use magic mushrooms to treat his stage-four colon cancer last year. He’s now part of a group that’s challenging Health Canada’s current program for psilocybin access in the courts. It’s a battle that could result in even more restrictions on a drug that’s already difficult for many to obtain.