As a Romanian Worker in France

As a Romanian worker in France

In early 2012, D.D., a roumain travail en France man in his 20s, arrived to work at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris. There he and his family make their living by dressing up as workers to help foreign tourists with ticket, snapshot and candy machines. They are not the only migrants doing this work in the capital. Many of France’s Roma — who have become a symbol of its economic crisis – are also earning money as workers to meet their families’ needs in the country. The French president Emmanuel Macron has pushed for stricter rules to govern the work abroad of Romanians and Bulgarians, despite opposition from both the countries’ leaders.

Opportunities and Challenges: Romanian Workers’ Experiences in France

Despite the number of physicians from Romania in France being relatively low, their presence has a major impact on the local healthcare landscape where they fill gaps in some hospitals and specialties. Their migratory flows are emblematic of the emergence of a global market for medical professionals in which mobility is a response to professional objectives and personal goals.

The research was conducted with a sample of 132 physician-migrants from Romania who have been working in France for more than five years. They were interviewed on their medical studies and career, motivations and conditions for mobility, job satisfaction and the context in which they are working in France (family circumstances, connection with a recruitment agency, etc.), links with Romania and their plans for a hypothetical future return to the country.