Custom Branded Door Mats

custom branded mats

An custom branded mats way to highlight a business’s branding, a custom logo mat can feature any number of elements including a company name, logo, tagline, contact information, website address and even a marketing message. Whether made from soft nylon printed carpet-like material or bristly coir fibres or even rubber, these specialist matting products can add brand value to the entrance of a business while still offering the dirt, grit and dust control benefits that customers have come to expect from quality door mats.

Branding Redefined: The Impact and Innovation of Custom Branded Mats

CM Viper mats are made from the highest quality materials and dyes to guarantee longevity and performance. They are also manufactured in the US so you can rest assured they are produced with a zero carbon footprint. Their unique printing process injects dye deep into the carpet fibers to create a vibrant, fade-resistant image that stands the test of time. The mats are glued to a heavy-duty PVC scrim backing that ensures traction for a safe, clean entrance and withstands even the heaviest of usage.

Designed to showcase a business’s brand, these high-performance mats are popular with schools and sports clubs. They can display a business logo or a safety message and are great for displaying a school or sports team crests. They can also be used to help to direct customers to specific areas of a store or to provide useful features/benefits/comparison information in front of product displays. They are also a cost-effective alternative to mat rental programs for businesses that want to keep their logos in prime view at all times.