More About Callum Cox

Callum Cox is a project manager working at EM-DAT, an organization that provides comprehensive disaster information and risk analysis to governments and public organizations. He works closely alongside data scientists to ensure the accuracy of the data collected from various sources.

Born in London, United Kingdom, Callum has always been passionate about disaster preparedness and emergency response. After completing his degree in Civil Engineering from University College London, he decided to pursue a career in this field. Before joining EM-DAT, he worked as a consultant for several international agencies such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

At EM-DAT, Callum is responsible for managing projects related to emergency management and risk reduction initiatives. His role includes developing project strategies, identifying resource needs, monitoring progress against deadlines and budgets, providing technical advice on emergency management protocols and procedures, liaising with stakeholders and partners, providing operational support during emergencies, and more. He is also involved in training staff on proper emergency response techniques.

Callum’s work has helped reduce human suffering caused by natural disasters around the world. He has developed innovative programs that have improved the ability of local authorities to respond quickly during crisis situations. Through his work at EM-DAT, he hopes to make a positive impact on global disaster management efforts and help reduce the vulnerability of communities facing disasters due to climate change or other causes.

Callum’s passion for emergency management and risk reduction extends beyond his work at EM-DAT. He is actively involved in the international emergency management community and has been a speaker at various conferences, workshops, and seminars around the world. His extensive knowledge of disaster preparedness has allowed him to serve as an advisor to multiple countries on proper risk assessment protocols. He has also collaborated with leading research organizations to provide data-driven solutions for disaster management.