How Expert Freight Consultants Can Save You Money

expert freight consultants

The term freight consultant can be used to describe a number of different types of businesses, from a traditional freight broker or a logistics consultancy to an independent parcel invoice audit firm. Despite the confusion, expert freight consultants can provide shippers with valuable analysis that can save them money.

Expert freight consultants leverage critical carrier benchmarking intelligence that their clients don’t have, according to Mike Erickson, founder of consulting firm AFMS LLC and considered one of the industry’s patriarchs. Carrier sales and pricing teams possess detailed package information that’s beyond the reach and comprehension of most customers, he said. This sends many shippers chasing after consultants to help them negotiate carrier contracts with more favorable terms or find alternative carriers.

Efficiency Unleashed: How a Freight Consulting Company Can Transform Your Logistics

Freight audit advisors can also reduce transportation costs by identifying discrepancies in the rates you are charged for shipping. This includes comparing rates between your primary carrier and its network partners as well as other 3PLs or warehouses. Having this type of insight allows you to drive errors and added costs out of your supply chain.

In addition to helping you negotiate better carrier contracts, a freight consulting company can assist you with finding ways to cut your warehousing and inventory management costs. It can also help you navigate the complexities of heavy and oversized shipments so that your load doesn’t get mishandled, which could result in damage to your cargo and possible liability issues.