How to Wear a Colombia Faja

A Colombian faja is a compression garment worn to shape the body, reduce cellulite and promote circulation. They are used by people of all ages and sizes to look more slim and toned, while also improving their overall health. Fajas Colombianas come in a variety of styles, from waist cinchers to full-body suits. Choosing the right one for your needs will help you achieve the results you want. To help you choose the best faja for your body, consider these tips:

Contours of Confidence: Exploring the Beauty and Benefits of Fajas in Colombia

To put on a faja colombiana, start by unhooking or unzipping any fasteners. Then, place both legs inside of the garment and pull up until it sits comfortably on your thighs or mid-thighs (depending on the type of faja).

The fabric of the colombia faja is made from spandex, which is stretchy and moves with the body as you move. This makes it comfortable to wear while exercising. It also helps improve blood flow to your muscles, which can lead to a more effective workout.

While fajas have their roots in medical industry, they have become popular with Latinas as a fashion item that boosts confidence and self-esteem. Leonisa Shapewear explains the origins and benefits of these girdles, including their durable Powernet material, adjustable straps and various uses. The garments can be worn underneath clothing to provide a smooth, seamless appearance or as standalone pieces that add a pop of color and a bit of flair to any outfit.