Native Cigarettes – A New Trend in Smoking


For decades, commercial tobacco companies have used romanticized images of American Indian and Alaska Native people in their advertising campaigns. This strategy has misappropriated indigenous culture and reinforced harmful stereotypes. For example, a century ago, ads for chewing tobacco like Velvet, Old Gold and Kent featured American Indian chiefs and headdresses. And cigarette brands like Natural American Spirit used Native American imagery to market their cigarettes as natural and spiritual experiences.Learn more :

While a growing number of Americans are quitting smoking, high rates of tobacco use among American Indian and Alaska Native people remain a challenge for tribal health and social service agencies. Many tribes have worked to decrease the influence of commercial tobacco through efforts like creating smoke free spaces and pow wows, providing cessation help in clinics and teaching tribal members how to grow traditional tobacco.

Sustainability and Sensibility: The Ethical Practices Behind Native Cigarette Production

A new trend in the world of smoking is the rising popularity of Native Cigarettes, a line of cigarettes made with premium quality, locally grown tobacco from indigenous communities in North America. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain a variety of additives that are harmful to the body, Native Cigarettes do not have any additives and offer a purer smoking experience for smokers.

These Native cigarettes have exploded in popularity, with some estimates showing that they make up 30% of all smoked cigarettes in Canada. The cigarettes are produced and sold on native reserves across the country, and while federal and reserve leaders have received warnings of this black-market tobacco trade, they do not want to end it because of the economic benefits that it has brought to the community.