The LLQP – Become a Life Insurance Agent

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Before you can start your career as a life insurance agent, you must complete the LLQP. The LLQP stands for Life Licence Qualification Program and it replaced many different provincial pre-licensing courses with one harmonized national course and exam.

The llqp license ontario is a four-module course offered by approved education providers. You can choose to take the modules in one day or spread them over multiple days and examination locations. Once you successfully complete the LLQP course and pass your module certification exams, you can book provincial licensing exam sessions with your insurance regulator to become a licensed life insurance agent.

LLQP exam pass rates vary widely across Canada. In previous licensing regimes, there were anecdotal stories of candidates writing the provincial licensing exam twelve or more times before finally passing. The insurance regulators wanted to avoid this type of situation with the LLQP so they required a course and exam provider to be accredited nationally by CISRO before they could teach the LLQP course and administer the provincial licensing exams.

Breaking Down Barriers: How to Obtain Your LLQP License in Ontario

Once you successfully pass the LLQP exam and meet all other provincial requirements, your sponsoring life insurance company will apply for your license. It’s important to note that you must apply for your license within one year of passing the provincial HLLQP exams or you will have to rewrite the LLQP course.

It can take a few months to complete the LLQP course depending on your familiarity with financial concepts, study habits, and language skills. However, most students can complete the course and the exam in less than two months if they work hard and follow the steps to success.