The Shroom House Canada Case Could Change the Legalization of Psychedelics

The shroom house Canada industry is optimistic that the new Netflix series ‘How To Change Your Mind’ will spur interest in its still-illegal drugs, but legalization remains a long way off. One lawsuit, however, has the potential to turn the tides.

Dana Larsen, owner of the Coca Leaf cafe in Vancouver, has been selling psilocybin mushrooms for the past year—defying federal laws against such sales. He argues that his shop provides safer and more reliable products than what’s available in the black market, and that the mushroom industry should be regulated similarly to how cannabis is.

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But authorities haven’t done much to stop the illegal operations. Health Canada has granted a few exemptions over the last year to allow terminally ill cancer patients to take magic mushrooms, and it’s given the go-ahead for a handful of clinical trials. But it hasn’t loosened up on enforcement, and that’s likely to continue to keep these stores open.

At Shroom House, customers have to sign an application and join the “Shroom House Society” before making a purchase. And the line outside this morning drew people who waited for more than 30 minutes to buy a bag of mushrooms, chocolates or gummies.

Oregon passed a law in 2020 that allows “facilitators” to give psilocybin-based therapy to people with depression or PTSD, but the drug can only be sold at licensed centers and consumed on-site under supervision. Shroom House flouts that rule, and if the store gets caught, the owners will face misdemeanor charges like anyone else.