Native Cigarettes


Smokers can now buy native cigarettes online from a variety of stores and platforms. Purchasing native smokes can help smokers save money since they are not subject to the same taxes as regular cigarettes. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with pricing, regulations and shipping policies before making any purchases. Additionally, responsible consumption and adherence to age restrictions is always essential.

The tobacco industry’s latest hit is a new breed of cigarette, called native smokes, made by Mohawk tribes in upstate New York. It’s a controversial product decried by antismoking advocates, non-native politicians and the tobacco industry itself, which is worried it may eventually lose market share.

Exploring Native Cigarettes: Brands and Availability

Native cigarettes are manufactured on First Nation reserves and sold at tribal-owned stores. They have lower tar and nicotine content than traditional cigarettes, and are marketed as more natural and healthy, with no additives. The cigarettes are sold in a range of colors, with blue (regular) indicating full-flavored blends, yellow (light) indicating milder tobacco blends and gold indicating menthol flavors.

The cigarettes are emblazoned with native imagery and accompanied by text that suggests they are ‘natural’ and ‘additive free.’ They are also marketed to appeal to ethnic pride and the notion of a spiritual experience for consumers. But while the indigenous marketing strategy is intended to appeal to consumer preferences and boost sales, critics say it can blur the line between commercial and traditional tobacco use and promote addiction. Moreover, workers at tribal tobacco factories do not enjoy basic labour protections and are vulnerable to summary dismissal, illness or injury.

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